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The Secret Society of Words

Release Date: December, 2013

Kindle Only

“Now everybody is a Van Gogh, because they can just use a painting app; everyone is Beethoven, because they can play music on their tablet. Nobody is a master because everyone is a master.”

-Rupert Gladstone

Imagine a futuristic society where writing is obsolete; therefore forgotten. This is that world.

All learning is done on iPad-like tablets, where videos and illustrated apps teach things like science, mathematics, and geography. Stories are not read, they are watched. Novels are not written but are rendered into interactive movies. Instruction manuals come as how-to videos.

This is the world of fourteen-year-old Alathea Jones. Science is her world until she encounters a mysterious and handsome young man who speaks only in poetry. Little did she know he would pull her headlong into the Secret Society of Words, a covert group founded by an eccentric trillionaire Rupert Gladstone. A collector of the world’s ancient treasures, such as the Mona Lisa (picked up cheaply at a museum liquidation) and an original Gutenberg Bible (which he saved from being burned), Gladstone loathes technology and mourns the loss of true beauty, talent, and genius.

Caught between two worlds, will Alathea be able to find her place and ultimately save mankind?

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