Blog & Website Design

Want a blog or website but aren’t sure how to go about it?

I create and maintain websites for several small businesses and individuals. I will meet with you, help you determine your needs and desires, and then design a site for you. I can then train you on maintaining your site or I can do it for you.

Be advised – I build using This means I customize one of thousands of templates to give your website a unique look with endless plug ins and possibilities. Your website will be “self-hosted” meaning you own all the content. is one of the best and most-used blog and website builders in the world.

After I finish customizing your site to suit your needs, I will then spend time showing you how to access and change the content and photos and update the information. You will feel confident and capable with your new website.

Take a look at some of the sites I currently maintain or have designed:

FLBlogCon maintained by Bess AuerWave Swim Camp created by Bess AuerMegan Katarina created by Bess AuerSwimmerJoe created by Bess AuerFlorida Swim Network maintained by Bess AuerISCA maintained by Bess AuerSwim in College created by