Afternoon with the Auers in a Ford Edge

Disclosure: I was offered a Ford Edge to drive for a weekend. As a Ford influencer I am sometimes given these unique opportunities. No other compensation was given and all views below are my own.

My hubby Joe and I spent an afternoon in a Ford Edge, exploring all its features. And while we tried to document our day on film, speed bumps kept causing problems with my phone staying upright!

First stop was Starbucks where we explored the blind-spot warning and rear-assist camera. (Oh yeah, we also find a dead end.) And as we continue along our afternoon, we reflect on the driver lane-assist – a very cool feature!

We continue our afternoon by rocking out to the superior sound system (well, I do, at least, and I totally get busted dancing while Joe is in Starbucks!) And I discover that I look older than I feel… UGH!

Next we have fun with the self-cooling seats – an ABSOLUTE MUST living in Florida! And we discover the double sunroof, which is kind of like a double rainbow! And Joe tries to make me shorter than I really am…

Finally we take time to discuss Joe’s new TV show, ON DECK with Florida Swim Network. (And, we discover aliens might be trying to abduct me… for realz!) And Joe tries to earn some brownie points by claiming he has “Bessasarton.”

Yep, you’ve just experienced a typical day in the Auer family!

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