MailChimp Has Got Swag

MailChimp is one of my favorite tools and I use it often to manage my email campaigns. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but perhaps even more important, it is FREE. (At least until you get to 2,000 subscribers on your list. After that it is still reasonable!)

But, being easy to use and being free doesn’t always compute to a favorite tool. What sets MailChimp apart from the competition is the amount of time and effort they spend focusing on just being totally awesome! My friend and colleague Jackie from @momjoviblog laughed when she heard I actually high five that monkey paw on the screen whenever one of my email campaigns is sent. (It gives me such a sense of satisfaction!)

I one time tweeted that I loved high-fiving the screen, and @MailChimp not only answered my tweet, but then sent me an uber cool care package in the mail. (How fun is that?!)

MailChimp swag at

So, I especially fell in love with MailChimp’s 2013 Annual Report, which they sent to me via email, of course. It has a “by the numbers” theme which is cleverly designed as you scroll down the page.  Here are some of my favorite numbers:

Mailchimp - see more at besssAuer.comWho doesn’t love an underdog?

North Korea - MailChimp - see more at bessauer.comHaving just spent time in communist countries Laos and Vietnam, I have come to have a greater appreciation of the freedom of the internet.

MailChimp is hiring - see more at bessauer.comHow’s that for good news! (And how many companies can say this?)

Beyonce campaigns on mailchimp - see more at bessauer.comI’m just giggling that they have this stat! I mean, who would keep track of this stuff? (Well, I guess MailChimp does…)

Chimp hats mailed - see more at bessauer.comAnd one was mailed to me! I’m famous! lol (And I love that they included a link to a video about the lady in Thailand who knits the hats.) And, marketers, take note – the video was uploaded 6 days ago in anticipation of the mailing of this annual report. I love how much planning they put into this report!

Curse words and mailchimp - see more at bessauer.comUh, really? Who does an email campaign with curse words? Maybe I need to change my effing strategy!

Malware watch at mailchimp - see more at bessauer.comSuspicious campaigns? This just makes me trust MailChimp all the more!

CLick throughs and opens at MailChimp - see more at bessauer.comNow that is a BIG number! (And some of those opens were on my emailings – nice!)

Check out the entire annual report. And to register for my latest newsletter, click here. (Shameless plug.)

Bloggers, one of my best blogging tips is to check out this free service – and enjoy high fiving the monkey paw!

Marketers, take a look at the report to see a campaign that was truly put together well, from beginning to end. Talk about really executing and communicating everything that makes a company a good one.