Exciting News

My world has done nothing but get better and better since my final day as a school teacher. So far I have no regrets for taking that leap into working for myself. I’ve booked speaking gigs, designed websites for clients, consulted on social media, and even hosted an amazing FLBlogCon.

One of the things I am now most excited about is my work with Growing Bolder.

For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Growing Bolder is a team of the most optimistic, energetic, goal-oriented people I have ever met. Led by Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer – yes, those guys, for those of us who grew up watching them on WESH – as well as Katy Widrick, Jackie Carlin, and several other incredibly talented persons, GB does an amazing variety of items.

They produce a weekly radio show, a prime time show that airs quarterly, a daily TV show, publish a  magazine, as well as create an enormous amount of online content that you can check out here and on Facebook. Their viewership includes 36 million households across the nation – Wow! How impressive is that?!

Marc recently posted this - My desk a few days a week -  right between Wendy Chioji and Rowdy Gaines!

Marc recently posted this – My desk a few days a week – right between Wendy Chioji and Rowdy Gaines!

Sidebar: One of my best strategies in life has been to find the smartest people I can and then immerse myself, be quiet, and listen… GB is one of those places where I would be happy just to be a fly on the wall let alone interact and be a part of!

Now the thing I like best about this dynamic environment is the way they work. It is truly a team atmosphere where everybody pitches in and helps out on each project. And the topics they cover are truly inspirational.  The idea is that in life you should never be growing “older” but rather  you should be growing “bolder.” It’s all about the attitude, and you see it in the amazing stories told at GB.

Here are some of my favorites:

Now for the most exciting news – Growing Bolder has been nominated for an Emmy!

Their prime time show, Surviving and Thriving, which features people of all ages overcoming incredible obstacles such as cancer or debilitating injuries, and then marching onward in life, has been recognized for the quality program it is.

We hosted a live online chat during the most recent airing of the show back in September, and viewers were saying what a powerful message the show delivered. I agree, in a world dominated by news coverage of a twerking Miley Cyrus and the government shut down, it is so refreshing to find hope and inspiration at GB.

Katy showing me "the ropes" at Growing Bolder's film studios located at Full Sail.

Katy showing me “the ropes” at Growing Bolder’s film studios located at Full Sail.

So, while I try to convey how proud I am of Team GB, and how honored I am to now be a small part of it, do yourself a favor and go check them out. Between their daily messages of cheer and optimism on Facebook to the compelling stories you can watch and listen to, your soul will be thanking you for the pick-me-up. (Mine is!)