The 3 C’s

Choice. Chance. Change.

I wonder if it is irony, destiny, or just coincidence that I read this quote right around the same time that the last available ticket was purchased for this year’s FLBlogCon:

“You’ve got to make the choice to take a chance in order to make a change.”

Nobody is really a native blogger – it is a second career/hobby/skill for all of us. So I applaud each and every person that chose to get a ticket to FLBlogCon because, like me, you have made the choice to take that chance hoping to bring about a change, whether it is a public or private change.

Maybe you are blogging trying to create a second career. Perhaps you are blogging to create a change in society. Maybe you are even blogging because you are passionate about something. Regardless of your reasons, we will all join together on Saturday, September 21, in celebrating our embracing of the 3 C’s.

Thank You

Without hesitation I need to take a moment to thank Katy Widrick, Ben Reed, Josh Murdock, Jeanette Scott, and Brian Wilson for sharing their business know-how and blogging passion with me by being a part of this year’s planning team for FLBlogCon. Each one of them brings a unique skill and knowledge set to the table. This is a case of me surrounding myself with people who are smarter than I am, and its magic has worked with another early sell-out. Thank you!

Missed Out?

If you have missed out on one of the 300+ tickets to this year’s conference, you can join our waiting list in case any spots free up. Or you can sign up for one of my Blogging Bootcamps  – 4 sessions across a one-month time period. While I can never re-create the conference experience, I can share some best practices and tips with you in a more intimate setting of my bootcamp.

Regardless of whether I see you at FLBlogCon or at my Bootcamp, if you are making choices to take chances to make changes, then may the gods of luck ever be on your side! Believe in your dreams, my friend… nothing worth it is ever easy!