What’s Your Personality?

Before heading to Ford’s Go Further With Ford event this past week, I had to take a Myers-Briggs personality assessment. If you’re not familiar with this, Myers-Briggs supposedly tells you whether you are an introvert or extrovert, whether you tend to think things through or just go with more of an emotional response, etc.

So why does Ford care about my personality? Well, they are banking on one’s personality affecting what type of car they drive. I’m an INTP (Introvert, Intuition, Thinking, Perception). I was surprised with how accurately the personality test described what I am like! And, Ford hasn’t made a car specifically for my specific personality type, but they have identified what type of car other personality types might prefer.

If you know your Myers-Briggs type, here’s what Ford has matched up for you:

  • ESTP –  Mustang
  • ISTJ –  F250 Super Duty
  • ESFP – Escape
  • ESTJ –  Taurus
  • ENTJ –  Explorer Sport
  • ENTP –  Fusion
  • INFP – C-Max Hybrid

It was definitely interesting to see Ford putting more thought into how and why people choose certain models over others.

Better self awareness is good for a lot of reasons and so I wondered if we can apply it to blogging and social media. Apparently somebody already has! CPP.com, the company that administered our test for Ford, has been doing some research and found out the following:

  • Extraverts use and share on Facebook.
  • Introverts were also on Facebook, but read more than shared.
  • Those with high intuition are more likely to use LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Extraverts were more likely to engage in social media activity during work time.
  • Feeling were more likely to engage in social media during their personal time.

Here’s an infographic with the full results: