Managing Multiples

I feel like maybe that should be the title of a post about twins, or triplets, or even a math blog! However, I am talking about multiple guest bloggers.

My website is in desperate need of some fresh content and so we’re revamping and adding a panel of guest bloggers. Here’s the idea:

  • Swim Coach
  • Swim Parent
  • Nutritionist
  • Sports Trainer
  • Pediatrician
  • Student Athlete

We are totally borrowing this panelist idea from Amanda Keefer’s Produce for Kids – just look how cool this panel looks:

Bess Auer Produce for Kids

So, I’ve emailed a few key coaches to see if they are interested, and we just put a call out on our Facebook page to see if any moms or dads would be interested in being our Swim Parent blogger. Well, with over 11,000 Facebook fans I should have anticipated the onslaught of emails that would flood my inbox!

Most of the parents look wonderful, so it will be hard to narrow down! But there are also a few of those “other” parents. (You know the ones I mean. Those parents, the ones who scream at the teenage refs at your kids’ soccer games, right? Well, swimming has those types of parents, too…  um, yeah.)

At any rate, my dilemma is now managing these bloggers.

Have you had any experience either managing multiple bloggers or have you yourself been part of a program like this? What seemed to work well, and better yet, what didn’t? (So I don’t make those same mistakes!)

I want to make this panelist experience easy and enjoyable for my guest bloggers, who will commit to being a panelist for the next few months. Any tips you have would be most appreciated!