24-Hour Thankful Project

Social media is a great way to “Do Good” in the world, and a great teaching tool for our kids. What positive messages can we put out there in the Twittersphere as opposed to rants and anonymous potshots? If we can teach people to look for those opportunities to do good, we can start to affect change in the world.

Need an example? The website Do Something is dedicated to helping young people take action.

“We believe teenagers have the power to make a difference. We leverage communications technologies to enable teens to convert their ideas and energy into positive action. We inspire, empower and celebrate a generation of doers: teenagers who recognize the need to do something, believe in their ability to get it done, and then take action.”

Pretty impressive, huh? Er… did you see that 276,000 likes on Facebook? That is the gathering of social media power I’m talking about!

So, all this got me thinking about posting some messages of good myself. Many of my friends on Facebook are posting a new thing they are thankful for each day of November, which is wonderful but seems to have lost effectiveness over the last 21 days. So, I am opting for an intense shot of gratitude – just 24 hours worth. Want to join me?


24-Hour Thankful Project


1) Dedicate the majority of your tweets to things you are thankful for.
2) In addition to friends, family, health, etc. remember to post some thought-provoking things, like being able to vote
3) Try to include links in your tweets to continue the conversation, like a link about Women’s Suffrage. (My grandmother was grown before women won the right to vote, thus I never miss casting mine now!)
4) Be sure to include the hash tag #24thankful

So, what do you think? Want to tweet some good with me? Just for the day of Thanksgiving? Come on, let’s model doing some good!