My Favorite App


I cannot tell you how much I am in love with this iPad app, which is also viewable on the computer! *Squee*

So, if you have a Smartboard, you can throw up the images for the entire class to view at once! Or you can assign it as homework for students to explore, or even view the panoramic photos on iPad, iPod Touch, Android, or iPhone.

Imagine this… you are studying the Washington National Cathedral. Perhaps your students will be taking a field trip there soon, or maybe that’s not in the budget; well, makes it possible to visit there virtually!

Take a look and use your mouse to scroll up and down as well as side to side:

Pros of TourWrist

  • Lots of quality, professionally-done panoramic images being uploaded daily.
  • Visit all over the globe before studying that place – great history, social studies, and science tie-ins!
  • Filter provided to narrow down search of panoramics
  • Practice map skills by finding continents/countries/cities/landmarks on the map
  • Teachers/students can create their own panoramic if they have an iPhone 4 or better. (What a cool class project to show off your school or service project!)

Cons of TourWrist

  • Too many panoramics for a teacher to reasonably screen – the “professionally-done” ones seem to be safe
  • Lots of silly, meaningless tours done by amateurs – such as living rooms, etc.
  • Lots of realtors use the TourWrist apps so there are many houses for sale