Favorite Math Apps

Depending on the grade level, the iPad has some wonderful apps to help students master the rote memory of basic addition/subtraction and multiplication/division facts as well as counting money.

RocketMath ($0.99) <–My students’ favorite!

Math Bingo ($0.99)

Splash Math (Free) <–available by grade level

Time Tables Warp ($1.99)

Tic Tac Math Universal ($4.99)

When getting into higher concepts, I’m thrilled the Khan Academy has finally come out with an iPad app!

Khan Academy (Free) <–My favorite!

Math App – Geometry I  ($1.99)

Take Math Back ($3.99)

Intellective: Calculus (Free)

Geeky Tech Teacher Note: New apps are coming out every day! So, be sure to search the app store on occasion to see what new apps are out!