Use Technology for Good

For those of you unfamiliar with me, in addition to teaching, I am the founder of the Central Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference. Nicknamed CFLBlogCon, it is a one-day gathering of the area’s biggest bloggers and social media enthusiasts. This year, we are expecting 250 attendees to converge on the Orlando Science Center on Saturday, September 15.

So, some of you are asking what exactly is a blogger? Isn’t it just some mom talking about her kids’ diapers or food obsessions? Or some guy who never leaves his couch but likes to pretend his a professional political consultant?  Well…. er… yes.  BUT, these early visions of bloggers have quickly evolved to include the most prominent names in journalism, professional athletes, political leaders, celebrities, and every day people like you and me.

These every day people write about topics they know best and those about which they are passionate. Astrophysics, sports, nutrition, fashion, and just about every topic in between and beyond! Here are some of my favorites blogs done by local writers:

I could actually go on and on for nearly one hundred blogs, but maybe I’ll save that for another post! The point is, yes, anyone can blog, and some of you might become very good at it!  The above blogs not only have honed their craft, they excel at it becoming some of the biggest bloggers in the country!

Ben Reed  from Adventures with Ben is consistently ranked among the top travel bloggers on the web, while Jeanette from J’s Everyday Fashion has almost 34,000 fans on Facebook! (People Magazine only has 41,000 fans if that gives you some perspective!)

So, as these incredible bloggers join others at this year’s CFLBlogCon, they are uniting to do some good. CFLBlogCon has launched a program called “Blogging for Good” sponsored by the Rollins Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center. Attendees will choose one of 6 local nonprofits to lend their voice in support. Over the next few weeks, I will be lending my voice to the program by blogging about each of the following:

  • United Arts of Central Florida
  • Orlando Science Center
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • America Heart Association of Central Florida
  • Valencia Foundation
  • Spina Bifida Association of Central Florida

Most importantly, this Blogging for Good program will show how technology can be used to help make a difference in the world. Do you have a blog? Consider joining me! Check out Blogging for Good’s website to see what it’s all about.