Picture = 1000 Words

Unfortunately the saying “A Picture is worth a thousand words” is becoming more and more true, especially in today’s technological world. While I lament this fact as a writer, I embrace it as a marketer!

There are so many great marketing tools that allow a writer to help readers picture the places described in a book, so why not take advantage of them?

Most writers are well aware of youtube.com, however few indie writers take full advantage of creating a book trailer. An intriguing trailer is easy to make… just grab a Flip camera (or iPhone), take a few shots, then edit away and add some music.

Here’s a trailer created for my newest novel Beware the ExVarto (Holiday Shakespeare Trilogy, Book 1).

The next uber cool marketing tool is compliments of Tourwrist.com. This website/app allows users to easily create wrap-around panoramic photography, and then upload and share. Tourwrist was recently voted one of the “Best of Show” winners at MacWorld and is also a Top 20 New and Noteworthy iPhone app.

Best of all, it is easy to use and quick to do with an iPhone 4. Tourwrist has easy-to-follow directions on its website or tells you how to use a regular camera with a fish eye lens to do. Or, for those who are truly photo-challenged, they have recommended local professional photographers who can come photograph whatever you would like.

Here’s a photo I took of Winter Park’s Park Avenue, a main setting in Beware the ExVarto. Click this thumbnail to view the panoramic photo:

Not only will I be able to send my readers and fans to see this panoramic photo, but visitors exploring Tourwrist.com will also see the photo as well as read about Holiday Shakespeare. I provide a link to my website and Amazon.com page for them to find out more info. What’s more, it is viewable on a computer, smart phone, iPad, etc. Very cool!

So, will this translate into more sales? Too early to tell, but in less than two weeks I’ve had over 13,000 views on a panoramic photo I uploaded for my “day job” at FloridaSwimNetwork.com. Here’s a link to see that photo – it’s pretty cool!