Banning Dr. Seuss

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. One of the most beloved children’s authors, libraries all over America are celebrating the writings of this wonderful wordsmith. So I feel it is appropriate to take time on this blog to pay homage to the master.

In this case, however, I’d like to point out the master’s word is much mightier than the pen. In fact, it is mightier than the soldier, the politician, and even the government. Dr. Seuss may well have been one of the most powerful men on Earth if measured by his words.

Don’t believe me? Then try to explain why some of his books have been banned from entire school districts and libraries. Yep. It’s true!

“The Lorax”: Banned from a school district in California due to its anti-logging stance

“The Butter Battle Book”: Banned due to its anti-war theme and references to the Cold War

“The Sneetches”: Banned due to its racist theme

Dr. Seuss must definitely be powerful for entire regions to be so scared of him that they ban his books, right?

Well, in this political year, I can only hope to one day face as much controversy over my writing as Dr. Seuss did his… if only my pen were quite so mighty!

Fortunately not everybody is afraid of Dr. Seuss. I’m thinking probably a few hundred thousand will flock to the theater this weekend to see the new Lorax movie:

So, Cat-in-the-Hat’s Off to Dr. Seuss! Happy birthday to a real master!