Valentine’s Day Contest

I spent most of the day following tweets from the SocialFresh conference happening today. I was lucky enough to volunteer at last year’s conference, but couldn’t make it this time around. (To see the type of incredibly valuable social media info people were learning there, just do a search for #socialfresh on Twitter.)

I was interested when tweets turned to @Pinterest and how the site is spreading faster than wildfire! So, I thought why not see just what kind of impact Pinterest can have – why not hold a contest and see how it goes?

So, announcing my first ever Valentine’s Day Pinterest Contest! *cue the cheering*

Contest Theme: Eternal Love

Yes! Eternal love is the major theme of Beware the Ex-Varto, and when I say eternal, well I literally mean f-o-r-e-v-e-r! For realzzz!

Rules to enter:

  1. Join Pinterest if you haven’t already (Let me know if you need an invite)
  2. Pin a photo (or video) that best represents eternal love to you
  3. Send me a link to your pin via Twitter, email, or Facebook so I can repin it on my Eternal Love board (currently empty)
  4. Tell your friends to go to my Eternal Love board and vote on your pin by “liking” it
  5. Whichever pin on my Eternal Love board has the most “likes” by the end of Valentine’s Day wins (Note: end of Valentine’s Day actually means 8:00 pm on February 14- I go to sleep early! Haha!)


The person who sends me the pin that gets the most likes will have a major character named after them in the sequel to Beware the Ex-Varto. How better to celebrate eternal love than having your name go down for all eternity to read about?! (Or if you don’t want the character named AFTER you, you can help choose the name!)

Pins can be funny, sweet, passionate, or endearing… just PG please! I will not repin inappropriate pins. But, otherwise, be creactive. Then let your friends know to go vote on your pin by “liking” it.

And, if you are tweeting about it, be sure to use the hashtag #pinlove.

Good luck and let the pinning begin!