Why Use Pinterest?

So until lately, I had been on the fence about Pinterest, a new social media site that seems to be the latest craze. For those not in the know, Pinterest is a site that collects images from the web. Users “pin” their favorite images as if hanging them on a bulletin board. Boards can be categorized like “favorite restaurants” or “shoes I love.”  When other people see what you’ve pinned, they may repin it, spreading the love even further.

So why would a writer want to use Pinterest?

Well, I’ve been doing some experimenting and have decided I can use the site to help bring my books to life. I’ve got a few boards totally dedicated to Beware the Ex-Varto, including Winter Park and Rollins College. I’ve then got a few boards dedicated to illustrating Confessions of a Gator Cheerleader, including the University of Florida.

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Beyond that, I’ve also experimented with giving Holiday Shakespeare, one of my main characters, her very onw Pinterest account suiting her own likes and interests.

See Holiday Shakespeare on Pinterest here.

Have you experimented with Pinterest? If so, leave your link in the comments so I can (and others) can follow you.