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Some of you may know me from the Central Florida Top 5, an award-winning blog I started in 2009 and then passed to the very capable hands of Brian Wilson. The reason for passing my blog along? Well, I thought I’d be too busy being a producer for my hubby’s Florida Swim Network as well as publishing some new novels. But, as strangely as the world works, it quickly dawned on me I need an author blog, so here it is.

Current plans

1) Give some insight into my novels as they become available. I publish exclusively on Kindle, so don’t look for me in print. (Well, actually one of my books is in print, but the others will all be on the Kindle.)

2) Discuss ways to use social media to market my books, as well as discuss technology trends in general.

3) Connect with my fans and followers on a new blog…so thanks for tuning in!